Announcement №1

Dear colleagues!
We invite you to participate in
VII International Scientific-Technical Conference
advanced methods and technologies of materials development and processing
September 19 – 21, 2012, Minsk, Belarus


Conference sections:
1. Constructional and functional materials in up-to-date engineering and methods of their production, materials for micro- and  nanoelectronics
2. High-energy technologies of materials production and processing. Technologies and equipment for surface engineering
3. Technological processes of metal forming and of manufacturing materials using casting technologies
Receipt of applications for Conference attending and papers          up to 02.05.12
Receipt of registration fee                                                              up to 01.08.12
Arrival of Conference participants                                                          19.09.12
Conference work                                                                 19. 09. 12 – 21. 09. 12
Completion of the conference work                                                       21. 09. 12
Forms of Participation in Conference
1. Full-time participation
Plenary paper presentation
Oral paper presentation at section
Poster paper presentation
2. Correspondence participation (only for foreign citizens)

Information for Conference Participants
To participate in the Conference it is necessary to   send application, manuscript materials and a copy of payment order for transfer of registration fee to the      e-mail of the Organizing Committee: (or send them by post on electronic media).

One author can submit no more than two papers.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject papers that do not correspond to the Conference topics. The papers that do not meet the preparation requirements and are received by the Organizing Committee later than May 2, 2012 will be not reviewed and returned.
The papers accepted and paid in time will be published in the Conference Proceedings.
The Conference working languages are Russian and English.
Organizing Committee
A. I. Gordienko                            (Chairman)
S. A. Astapchyk                            (Vice-Chairman)
A. V. Byeli                                     (Vice-Chairman)
A. S. Yafimachkin                           (Vice-Chairman)
Ki Young Choi                               (Korea)
V.N. Chuvildeyev                           (Russia)
V.M. Fedasyuk                               (Belarus)
A.F. Ilyushchenka                          (Belarus)
B.M. Khrustaliou                              (Belarus)
V.V. Klubovich                                (Belarus)
A.I. Lotkov                                     (Russia)
Y.I. Marukovich                              (Belarus)
N.K. Myshkin                                  (Belarus)
F.I. Panteleyenka                            (Belarus)
V.G. Psahyie                                    (Russia)
G.B. Sviderski                                  (Belarus)
V.A. Tamila                                      (Belarus)
L.R. Vishnyakov                              (Ukraine)
P.A. Vityaz                                      (Belarus)
I.V. Voytau                                     (Belarus)
Shu Xuedao                                    (China)
Program Committee
S. A. Astapchyk                              (Chairman)
A.P. Laskauniou                             (Vice-Chairman)
A. T. Valochka                                (Belarus)
V.M. Hrishanovich                           (Belarus)

Address of the Conference Organizing Committee:
10, Kuprevich Str., 220141, Minsk,
Republic of Belarus

Contact telephones, fax and e-mail:
Anna A. Broukina
Tel.: (375  17) 268 11 94
Fax:   (375 17) 263 76 93
Responsible for registration of applications:
Yelena A. Makovets
Tel.:    (375 17) 237-06-05,

Registration fee
The payment of registration fee includes costs of services and publication of Conference Proceedings and  
for full-time participation authors it is a sum equivalent to 150 USD including VAT of 20%;
for correspondence participation authors it is a sum equivalent to 75 USD including VAT of 20%.

The payment of registration fee entitles the (composite) author to receive one book of the Conference Proceedings.
In payment order in column “Payment function” it should be pointed out:  
Registration fee for participating in Conference “Advanced Methods and Technologies of Materials Development and Processing”   Last and first name of participant.

Payment requisites:
Beneficiary: The State Scientific Institution
“Physical Technical Institute of the National
Academy of Sciences of Belarus”
10,  Kuprevich  St., Minsk, 220141, Belarus

Correspondent bank:   
Standard Chartered Bank, New York
SCBLUS33, 3582021714001

Beneficiary bank:   AKBBBY2X
32, Myasnikov St., Minsk
for transferring to account 3632915230016   (840)
Branch No. 514
Joint Stock Savings Bank “Belarusbank”, BY
47а, Surganov St., Minsk, Belarus

Application form
(Submitted by 02.05.2012)*

for participation in the VII International
Scientific-Technical Conference
Advanced methods and technologies for materials development and processing
September 19 – 21, 2012, Minsk, Belarus
Author presenting the paper:
Last name _________________________________   First name _________________________________
Academic degree ___________________________
Academic rank _____________________________
Position ___________________________________
Paper title and authors   ______________________
in Conference section No. ____________________
Participation in the Conference: full-time or correspondence (please, underline)
Organization (full and abbreviated name)   _____
Mailing address ____________________________
Telephone ____________ Fax   _________________
E-mail _____________________________________

Hotel reservation
Please tick if necessary:
Signature_______________ Date ______________
* In case of any changes, please, inform the Organizing Committee
Guidelines for preparation of paper materials

1. Paper should be limited to 8 A4 format typed pages including tables, graphs and illustrations with high printing quality.
2. The materials are submitted by e-mail using Microsoft Word editor, font Times New Roman - 14 pt; single-space typing; 1.27-cm indent; margins should be 2.5 cm, 2.5 cm, 3.0 cm, 1.5 cm at the top, bottom, left and right of the page, respectively; book orientation.
3. The initials and names of authors are typed in the right top corner of the first page; the paper title is centered and typed in all capital letters (font Times New Roman, 16 pt, bold face) then comes organization name, at the next line city and state (in lowercase letters) followed double-line space below by abstract that should not exceed 10 lines. The paper text is typed double-line space below the abstract with new indent using one interword blank.
4. Separate Greek symbols are typed in the text using typeface “Symbol”.
5. Letter "О" and degree mark () should not be changed for zero "0". Degree mark () is typed using typeface “Symbol”.
6. Upper and lower indexes are typed using special commands (subscript and superscript).
7. Multiline formulae are prepared using equation editor and the same font as for the text typing.
8. Diagrams (histograms) are made black-white; various hatch patterns are used for flowing.
9. References on literature are executed according to GOST 7.1-2003 (e.g. [11]).
10. Name of author presenting the paper and paper title (or its part) should be included in electron file name.

September 19 – 21, 2012
Minsk, Republic of Belarus

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